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  1. BulletI Lost iphoto when I went to 10.5.4. Can get it back without buying iLife?

  2. BulletDo you still have your original CDs or DVD that came with your Mac? It should be on Disk 1 called "Install Bundled Software Only". Double click this. When you get to the screen with the "Custom Install" options, click that. Expand "Bundled Applications" and uncheck those you don't want to reinstall. Once completed, make sure you go to the Apple Menu and click on Software Update to update your iPhoto to the latest version possible for your version.

  1. BulletI wish to run Vista on my iMac.  Using BootCamp would require establishing a separate new partition. As I understand it, using Bootcamp to establish a partition only works if the Bootcamp/Vista partition is the only other partition, i.e., only two partitions are allowed. I already have a second partition for Tiger, which was established with great difficulty and I don't wish to eliminate the occasional use of Tiger. Does anyone know if Parallels also requires a separate partition?  How can I run Vista on my iMac?

  2. BulletNeither Parallels nor VM Ware's Fusion require a separate partition to run in. Both create a virtual partition (a disk file) that is utilized for the PC environment. Both allow resizing  of this virtual partition to make larger for more PC apps when needed and both allow you to move the virtual PC partition to an external drive when space on your primary becomes limited. Both have a trial copy you can download and try. You still need a license of Windows software.

  1. BulletI want to use iChat and I need an account but I don’t want to pay for it.

  2. BulletIn iChat, go to preferences and click on the Accounts tab. Click the + button in the lower left corner. Account Type AIM. Click on Get an iChat Account...  Follow the directions on the AIM page and fill out the information required. This unique email name and password are your iChat Screen Name and Password. Enter this information in the iChat Account Setup panel and click Done. A buddy list for this new user account appears. In this panel click on the + in the lower left to add a buddy. Enter a buddies’ Account name (screen name), the group, and their name. You can also click on the Down Arrow and pick from your Address Book. If they have their AIM account in your Address Book, select it and click Add. That’s it.

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