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iCal - Add OACC's meeting dates to your iCal. Monthly Meeting, Note these links will take you to our calendars on .Mac where you can view them or add to your iCal by clicking on the subscribe button in the left hand column towards the bottom of the page. Check out other calendars at

Apple Computers - Their main Web site. Go here for the latest news and information on Apple products, software, and technology.

QuickTime - At its simplest, QuickTime is software that allows Mac and Windows users to play back audio and video on their computers. But taking a deeper look, QuickTime is many things: a file format, an environment for media authoring and a suite of applications.

Adobe - Design Center - Video workshop: Learn tips to your favorite Adobe products.

Mac Software

Version Tracker - A daily listing of the latest updates and upgrades to commercial, shareware, and freeware software for the Macintosh.

Microsoft - Mac Business Unit. We're dedicated to building the very best productivity software for the Mac. Learn more about our vision, our customer focus, and our commitment to the Mac operating system.

Adobe - Photoshop, Photoshops little brother Elements and other great Adobe products.

Mac Browsers

Safari - Get more information and the latest version of Apple's own web browser.

Firefox. - Get the latest version of the free, open-source Firefox web browser.

Omniweb - OmniWeb elevates your web user experience to be more productive, more efficient, and more fun.

Major Macintosh News

Mac Central - The #1 Source for Mac News on the Web. A service of Mac World.

iProng (formerly iPod Garage) is a 5 year old publication covering all aspects of the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and the content associated with that technology. (Check this site out it's my good friend Bill Palmers site) -Dean

OSXFAQ - News, information, and, well, frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Mac and the Mac OS X operating system.

Mac OS X Hints - Tips, tricks, and hints for the Mac, and solutions to Mac problems, along with discussions of all of them.

Macintosh Network News - Another great place to get the latest daily news and happenings in the Macintosh community and computer world.

MacFixIt - For those who want to know more about the nuts and bolts of how and why computers and software works - or doesn’t work - with bug fixes or work-arounds, libraries of information on software and hardware, and more.

iLounge - iLounge is an independent provider of information about Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod digital audio players, accessories, and related software.

The Graphic Reporter.Com - The Graphic Reporter, your source for tips, tutorials, and reviews for all levels of creative enthusiasts.

Ric Ford’s MacInTouch - The Mac Guru’s daily news resource. Great information and observations, updated daily, with an archive of previous Apple, Macintosh, and computer news

The MUG Center - Where you can find out about other Mac User groups world wide and The User Group Report - is the audio series featuring interviews with people making news in the MUG community. It is available as a downloadable file or mp3.

Mac radio shows and fun Mac sites.

Your Mac Life Show. The Internet's # 1 Mac broadcast. is an Internet based, QuickTime broadcast "radio show? about and for Apple and Macintosh users. We do a live show every Wednesday evening from 5:30-8pm Pacific Time, 8:30-11pm Eastern Time. Visit the IRC Chat rooms when the show is on at in the channel #yourmaclife or at "" java chat .

Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy on KFI," with a link to and a brief text description.

Show notes for Leo's KFI radio show and information about his other appearances radio and TV appearances, often with links to downloadable audio from those appearances.

Inside Mac Radio. - The Macintosh represents more than a computing platform among the tech-savvy, for many it's a way of life. Inside Mac brings the voice of experience to the people who live the Macintosh digital lifestyle. The show is currently syndicated every week across the country and around the world on terrestrial broadcast radio stations.

Inside Buzz - Each week Digital Production BuZZ will be working to keep you in touch with trends and technologies, people and practices that you need to know to keep up to date with digital production, postproduction and evolving distribution opportunities.

Joy of Tech - Mac related comics

Digital Photography.

Digital Photography Review -Where you'll find all the latest in digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories

Digital Camera Resource Page

The Luminous Landscape -The primary mission of is to be the best photo sharing and photo hosting web site

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