Meet Our Leaders


Gregory Locke - President, Mac Guru     

Greg has been an avid Macintosh user ever since the Mac Plus was used at Hughes Aircraft Company. A former UNIX administrator and Senior Application Specialist, Greg likes the Mac’s capabilities to run nearly any operating system there is, including OSX.


Bruce Brown - Vice-President, Mac Guru

Bruce has been involved with computers since the mid-1960’s and with Macs since October 1994, when he bought a new PowerMac 7100. He has strong computer knowledge that includes a background in programming and electronic design. He has several years of experience writing hardware and software manuals for network devices, printers, data acquisition equipment, and other electronic equipment. Bruce also writes and distributes via email a free publication for the benefit of local Mac User Group members. Called “Bruce’s Picks,” this short newsletter lists bargains in computer storage and accessories that are found in the current ads of the local computer stores. In addition to working extensively with Mac OS X and its predecessors, he’s worked with several other flavors of Unix, and yes, even Microsoft Windows. Bruce was a co-founder of the North Orange County Computer Club (ca. 1975), and was their first newsletter editor.

Rebecca Ng - Secretary

Rebecca has supported Apple with her first purchase of the Apple IIe 27 years ago. Now with the user friendly Macs available she is the proud owner of 2 iMacs, 1 mini, 2 iBooks, 1 PowerBook, and 1 MacBook. She mainly uses these for email, photos, and music. 

Steven M. Spiegel - Treasurer, Mac Guru

Steven M. Spiegel, one of the founding members (#50) of the Orange Apple Computer Club, has given freely of his time since 1981 to promote learning about all of Apple’s fantastic products. Steven purchased his Apple II in 1978, and has owned at least one of every computer Apple has made. He has served the club as President, Treasurer, Director, Membership chairman, and negotiated with Orange Coast College for the facilities we use today. Steven has been servicing members’ computers as “The Apple Doctor” which is a business he started in 1982. After 28 years he feels it is important to help the direction of the club as its Treasurer.

Robert Ameeti - Director, Mac Guru

Robert has been a member of OACC for 24 years having joined in 1983 when he owned an Apple II.  When the Macintosh was introduced, he was one of the first buyers. He became a full time computer consultant specializing in both PC and Macintosh. Database programming, network configuration, and security preparedness have kept him busy while continuing to devote time to share his knowledge with our user group on a monthly basis. He currently leads the Intermediate / Advanced session that allows members to expand their understanding of the Macintosh computer, programs, utilities, and maintenance.

H.B. “Corky” Corcorran - Membership      

Corky was involved with Apples back when the club started in 1981. He has many interests including Ham radio, square dancing and of course, the Mac! Corky has been very helpful to the club and it's members by calling members whose memberships are expiring to remind them to renew and to tell them about the upcoming meeting.