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OACC List Guidelines

The OACCList is a list for members of the Orange Apple Computer Club, Orange County, California's Macintosh Users Group.

We are a computer users group—“computer users helping computer users.” Posts should be appropriate to, and restricted to, computers and computing in general and Macs in particular. There are other lists available for politics, religion, humor and who knows what else.

Language and attitude should be appropriate for all ages and settings and, above all, should reflect a genuine desire to help other computer users. Of course, common courtesy and civility should be the norm.

Persons should always identify themselves since this greatly helps develop a feeling of community as we get to know one another better.

Complaints or disagreements with/about other members, or club activities, should not be posted on the list. Please address the individual personally, or the OACC Board on such matters. Members certainly may identify their commercial activities with 2 or 3 lines at the bottom of their emails but are not to advertise on OACCList beyond that.

Any member who does not adhere to these basic OACC List guidelines may be subject to immediate removal from list participation.

The Board of Directors

NOTE: Subject to change without notice